Monday, June 15, 2020

Local Talent:

Published Authors in our Chapter

Many members of our chapter have great stories to share, available now:

Betti Avari
McKel Jensen
Dede Mattix
Valerie Odenthal

2019 Anthology: "Spirals" A Collection of Poetry & Prose

Spirals: A Collection of Poetry & Prose from Utah's Northern Edge

The Brigham City Writers inaugural anthology release represents the varied writing styles of our chapter's authors. Stay tuned for news about our next anthology.

Spirals is available for purchase on Amazon.

League of Utah Writers

The Brigham City Writers are a chapter of the League of Utah Writers (or LUW for short). 

We encourage every writer to become a member. There are many benefits to membership and opportunities to expand your skills and connections.

Leadership Contacts

President - Val Steadman
Vice President - Steve Odenthal
Secretary - Valerie Odenthal
Treasurer - Keri Montgomery